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What to Expect/Common Misconceptions:  

What should I expect when starting therapy for the first time? Doing anything for the first time can be scary.  The good news is that if you are reading this now,  you have already taken the first step in the process.  Once you have made the initial phone call, a few basic questions is all it takes to get you set you up with a therapist that best meets your needs.  For your convenience, new client paperwork can be found on our website for completion prior the first session. It is our goal to make this process as smooth as possible, and our desire to match you with a therapist who can best meet your overall needs. 

Seeking therapy is the last resort. This could not be further from the truth.  Here is an example we can all relate to: If your car is making a strange noise, you don’t wait until the engine overheats to take it to a mechanic.  The same concept applies to therapy.  Oftentimes, the most important and lasting work is not done in times of crisis but rather when a situation is first becoming overwhelming or has finally calmed.  Therapy is always there for you…in good times as well as difficult times.

Therapy is a sign of weakness. Wrong!  Facing problems, emotions, feelings and trauma head on takes an incredible amount of strength.  Sometimes it is more comfortable or feels safer to avoid the things that cause us pain.  But do those things ever really go away just because you don’t want to face them?  The answer is no.  Seeking help requires courage and strength.  There is nothing weak about wanting to feel better. 

Therapists have all the answers. Here’s the deal, therapists are people too and have their own history, their own families, their own problems, just like everyone else.  We are all human, and therefore, we are all in this together.  In fact, many therapists are in therapy themselves.  If we didn’t believe in the process, we wouldn’t be a part of it.  While our struggles are unique to us as individuals, we have a deep respect for and understanding of the process, and we believe in the benefits. 

Therapy is just paying someone for advice.  We get advice from our friends, family members, coworkers, etc. (even if we may not be asking for it).  As your therapist, we are here to listen, encourage, be supportive and show empathy, but it is also our job to help YOU work through your own unique problems in YOUR own way.  You are the expert of your life.  We are the experts in showing you new perspectives and ways to go about approaching life’s challenges.  As your therapist, we wish to walk beside you, at your pace, to a place of increased self-awareness and healing.