Meet our Team!

Our therapists come in many varieties… by specialty, by personality, by gender identity, by ethnicity and languages spoken.  We are so very excited for you to meet us.  Take a look at each of our stories and figure out which of us feels like a comfortable old sweater.  Therapy should be comfortable.  And your therapist should fit just right.

Jennifer Curtin, MS, LCPC

I don’t ask my clients to do anything I wouldn’t do I’m not just a therapist, I’m also a client . Life is hard, therapy with me will help you navigate the bumps with humor and fresh perspective while feeling totally accepted as you are.

Dwight Bejec, MSCP

We are spirits experiencing a human existence and I truly believe that by empowering ourselves to make room in our lives for healing, we will better for it. By taking the steps to heal ourselves we can begin to heal the collective. 

Sandra Conti, MBA, MS, LCPC

The world we live in encourages us to do more, be unsatisfied with what is, and includes technology that connects us in some ways, but distances us in others. Together we will unpack and sort through the struggles, the questions and the feelings so we can identify what is getting in your way.

Caroline Egbers teen counseling

Caroline Egbers, MAAT, LCPC

You will never feel “abnormal” because I use my own life experience and clinical skills to help you to find the best version of you. Therapy with me will include humor because your time should be enjoyable and productive.

Anna Graham, MSCP

I believe that everyone benefits from doing inner work whether the goal is to know yourself better or to relieve the painful and often scary symptoms of anxiety, grief, depression, and trauma. No one needs to white knuckle their way through life. No one has to struggle alone.

Jackie Shelton-Espinosa, MSW, LCSW

Therapy is not about weakness, it’s about strength. The courage to face the pain, accept it, and continue despite it. There is no room for power in this process. We are on a journey together, one that includes tears and laughter.

Peggy Tomchek, MS, LPC

People need meaningful connections with others who will allow them to just be. I will meet you where you are in a space where we are free to explore whatever life is throwing your way. You are the expert of your life. I am prepared to walk your path with you and to help you find your way.