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Evolution Counseling, Inc. was built by a woman who had a dream to open up a practice that was truly focused on clients – from the first about evolution counselingcontact, to the comfort of the therapy room, to ease of billing and scheduling to the real and empathetic approach of a therapist.  She looked for services not provided in the area and expanded clinical competencies.  She looked for therapists educated academically and through life experience.  Finally, she opened up shop and decided to do what she was taught, and what she looked for as a client herself… quality, unique therapy for every aspect of our evolving lives.  What she found on her journey as a client and then as a therapist was that therapy is more for the ebbs, flows, changes and disruptions of life.  And that happens with every evolution… from births to deaths, marriages, growth of self, growth of child, identity development… therapy was NOT just for the ill!

Our staff understands the truly reparative power of a healing, authentic connection between therapist and client.  While approaches vary and clinical competencies grow, it’s the quality and strength of this bond that helps facilitate change.  We walk with you on your journey, empowering you to make the changes and choices that will help you to reach the next level of change in your life, relationships, identity and mental health and wellbeing.  The tools we use, and provide to you, make sure your privacy is of utmost importance while allowing you the freedom to make and change appointments when it works best for you.

The underlying clinical approach is family systems, meaning we look to the people within your world and how you relate with them to assist us in opening up your eyes to new opportunities for growth and change.  And above all, we accept and affirm each person regardless of sex, ethnicity, age, gender or sexual identity.  Evolution Counseling is for every stage of every life.  We hope you will entrust us to walk the journey with you.

What is psychotherapy?  How does it work?

Psychotherapy is very difficult to generalize for all people.  Each of us is unique, with different life stories, situations, family structures, feelings and experiences.  Presenting problems and intensity of these problems differ among us.  The quality of the trusting, therapeutic bond that we build will help facilitate the process.  Personality, openness and readiness all contribute to the time and ease of progress. Severity of symptoms or the problem a person wishes to address impacts the length and intensity of care.  I approach each person individually and tailor a treatment plan based upon his/her/their symptoms, goals, needs and experiences.  I work from a large array of theories and approaches, and will help to prescribe a treatment/approach that will facilitate progress.  Simply put, the length and type of treatment is highly individualized.

Psychotherapy has both benefits and risk.  Many of the benefits I hear clients identify ranges from a general feeling of acceptance and understanding that a person may or may not receive in personal life, to reduction of symptoms, to finding strategies to help adapt to change and stress in life.  Often times, just having a personal space to focus completely on one’s self with an accepting and empathetic therapist brings relief.  Some of the risks of psychotherapy can include but are not limited to feeling strong and/or uncomfortable feelings during sessions, discussing unpleasant aspects of life and/or learning to focus on areas of self, life or family that may not be ideal.  Do not worry – the role of therapist allows you to count on a non-judgmental and understanding participant to be by your side during every step of the process.