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Where Do I Go From Here?

When one of life’s door closes, we often wonder, “Where do I go next”?  Whether you are transitioning from college life to the adult world, transitioning into parenthood, or into empty nesting the stress that can come with happy transition can be overwhelming.  Similarly, the death of a loved one or ending of a relationship can leave us feeling lost and aimless.

Counseling during life transitions can help you navigate through the stress and sometimes distressing emotions of the unknown so you can start to see yourself and your future more clearly.  Talking with a professional who gets you, and understands the challenges of moving through the stages of life, can bring relief and hope.


Issues we can help you navigate during life’s transitions:

  • Finding your second career
  • Reclaiming your identity after parenthood
  • Transitioning post-divorce
  • Transitioning post-retirement
  • Grief and Loss
  • Transition post-college
  • Relationship counseling post-childbirth
  • Caregiving stress
  • Multi-generational living

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