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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take health insurance? Yes, we take insurance and are in network with Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, Magellan

Behavioral Health, Humana, United Behavioral Health and MHN TriCare.  We do recommend that you verify your health insurance policy prior to coming to psychotherapy.  Your insurance company will give you (as a member) much more detailed and accurate information.  Still, our Business Manager will check all health benefits and provide a quote to your therapist prior to your first visit.

What if I do not have health insurance? If you will be paying for out of pocket services, we do provide a cash rate of $130.00 for the initial session, followed by $80.00 for every session after.  We also have the flexibility to negotiate an out of pocket rate based on a sliding fee scale.

How long does therapy usually take? The answer to this question depends on you and what your needs are.  This will also depend on what level of improvement you are looking for and what change truly means to you.  Typically, clients will see their therapist once a week for anywhere from three months to a year or more.  Frequency will also depend on how quickly you and your therapist work through your presenting problems and toward your goals. 

What are your hours and availability? We currently staff three full-time therapists and two part-time therapists between both Naperville locations.  We operate seven days a week depending on the therapist and have morning, daytime and evening times available.  We are confident that we can accommodate any scheduling needs you might have.

Can you help me with my unique problems? At Evolution Counseling, we see all individuals as unique and therefore, treat each and every problem with a unique and individualized approach.  Our therapists have a wide range of expertise and additional training in many unique areas.  Because this is an individual process, we will learn and grow along side you as you work toward the desired change you are wanting.

Does therapy really work? In short, yes!  When there is a desire to change and true commitment to the process, then yes, therapy works.  It is not an easy journey, and there will be bumps in the road, but with the support and guidance of your counselor, therapy can provide you with the tools and skills to create lasting change.  All of us are ever changing and growing in this unpredictable world.  Our therapists are here to help you learn to navigate difficult times in a healthy, constructive way.

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