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Kid’s Therapy & Teen Counseling in Naperville

Today’s world is complicated and often times ignites anxiety, moods and difficult choices for young people. From pressure to succeed to bullying across technological platforms to self-esteem issues, children and teens are faced with a lot of expectations and judgments on top of meeting difficult developmental milestones. When working with children and teens, our child psychologists aim to create a safe environment where a trusting relationship can develop.

Our child therapists in Naperville treat depression, ADHD, and a host of other common issues:

Anger and Aggression
Peer Relationships/Interpersonal Relationships
Difficulties with Communication
Defiance/Acting Out
Management of ADD/ADHD
Adjustment Issues
Coping Skills
Sexual and Gender Identity issues
Transgender Teen Therapy
LGBT Teen Therapy

child counselingCounseling in Naperville For Children ages 12 and under:

A critical component of child counseling and kids therapy is the involvement of the parent. Children are constantly growing and changing physically, psychologically and socially. Healthy boundaries, behavior management, and support are critical to engendering healthy growth. Dependent on the age and the issues your child is facing, you can expect to be included in every session with your child and child therapist.

For initial sessions, it will be solely with parents. This allows us to do a comprehensive health and mental health history without compromising healthy boundaries, allowing the parent to speak freely and in detail about issues we will be addressing. After the first session, parents are included in anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes of a child’s therapy session. Creating a healthy space for change in children is a family effort so your therapist will be sure to keep the communication flowing and ensure the system understands all changes required for improving your child’s mental health and wellness.

Teen Counseling in Naperville

teen counselingA critical component of teen counseling is trust. While parents are still involved in the process, it is imperative that a healthy, trusting bond is forged between the teen and the therapist. Often times, teens are hesitant to come into counseling. They are coming on the recommendation of a parent, social worker or other adult. Our goal is to help them see the value of having their own time where they are empowered to speak freely and learn ways to develop positive, healthy coping behaviors.

Parents are encouraged to send email to the therapist to inform of concerns, progress and information that will be helpful to the process. In turn, our teen counseling therapists in Naperville will ensure the parent and teen both understand that group communication is a critical key to the success of counseling.

Teens are able to decide whether they want to communicate directly with parents at home or in session. Similarly, they can request for the therapist to talk one-on-one with parents at any time. The overall goal of teen counseling is healthy mental and physical well-being, so at any time if there is an issue that is safety related, parents are immediately brought into the discussion. Teens will learn that the key to healthy living is to have healthy relationships with themselves, their families and their friends.

Child and Teen Counseling in Naperville

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