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Evolution Counseling: Unique Individual Counseling & Couples Therapy in Naperville for your Evolving Life

We live in a high-tech, fast-paced world that leaves many of us feeling stressed-out and overwhelmed. Our culture demands our productivity and success despite the unresolved issues and emotional traumas that might be affecting us every day. This creates an atmosphere that limits our abilities to cope and increases anxieties.

It is hard to find a place to work through problems, express emotions and get support while trying to navigate day-to-day life. It is even more difficult to find a place that is safe, open and accepting.

If your goal is to discover a place where counselors and therapists in Naperville will help you cope, find your own inner peace and achieve your personal goals; a place where you can effect positive change, recover your true self, and rediscover your senses of passion, happiness, and joy, Evolution Counseling Inc. offers exactly the counseling and therapy services you seek in Naperville.

Our Naperville Therapists and Counseling Services Provide Science-Based Solutions for Positive Outcomes

From emotional trauma, stress, and anxiety to gender identity, teen counseling, and issues within the family and relationships, a supportive counselor in Naperville can guide you through the emotional challenges that prevent you from being present in your daily life.

Because life is filled with change, finding a place in which you can safely consider your desires, beliefs, and behaviors has real value. Combined with the non-judgmental help of an experienced counselor or therapist, you’ll find ways to move through the stress and anxiety of modern life and reconnect with person you have always been deep inside.

Our psychologists and therapists in Naperville are here to help you and your family with a variety of mental health challenges. We serve Wheaton, Aurora, Downers Grove, Bowling Brooke, Springfield, Oswego, and the rest of the surrounding Naperville area. Click on the links below to find out more information.

Main Office

As of 11/1/17, we will no longer have our Park street location!!! Our office will have one address only:

1555 Naperville Wheaton Road
Suite 101
Naperville, IL 60563

“My daughter and I have been working with Jen since 2013. There was so much chaos broken boundaries lack of communication low self esteem and hostility between my daughter and I. We were a mess. Jen has helped us to organize our clutter and sort through the keep and throw away piles of our feelings and emotions as well as life experiences. She has helped me coparent when the other parent was not present. We have come a long way because of her.”
“I’ve been seeing Jennifer Curtin for several years and have never felt more comfortable with a therapist before-as I do with her. She gives wonderful feedback and book recommendations to reference, both of which are extremely helpful. She provides a level of humor, trust and intellect, which makes each session relaxed and productive. This is very rare to find in someone you share raw and vulnerable emotions with. I’m very grateful to Evolution Counseling and especially Jennifer!”